About Us

GoTo Networks was established specifically to implement submarine cable systems in greenfield and underserved markets. Australia West Express is the first system to be undertaken. GoTo Networks is made up of submarine system developers whose experience has accounted for a vast array of completed telecommunication projects.

Originating in research, evolving into consulting, its members have been involved with strategic planning, technical solution development, project implementation management, commercialization and sales of international network projects similar to Australia West Express.

The strength of GoTo Networks comes from its diverse and experienced members profile that includes senior management, technical, financial, project management, systems engineering and sales, representing all the core elements required for successfully implementing AWE. 

GoTo Networks, Inc. has been formed by individuals with a long history of involvement in the development and implementation of submarine telecommunications cable systems. We are focused on the development of new submarine cable systems to greenfield or underserved markets.  Our headquarters are in Whippany, New Jersey.